St. Petersburg Children’s municipal multi-specialty clinical center of high medical technology named after K.A. Rauhfus


The list of documents required for emergency hospitalization:

  1. Referral from clinic or accompanying documents of Emergency Duty Teams, EDT.
  2. Birth certificate or child passport (for children over 14 years of age).
  3. Passport of one of the parents or passport of another legal representative (guardians, adoptive parents).
  4. A notarized power of attorney from a legal representative for the right to sign documents and represent the interests of the child in medical institutions in his absence.
  5. A compulsory medical insurance policy, or supplemental medical insurance policy if it is available.

Paid hospitalization:

An appointment booking for paid hospitalization is carried out by calling: +7 (812) 506-06-06, (ext.number # 1226), +7 (921) 935-39-19 on weekdays from 9:30 AM to 5 PM or in the paid services department (Ligovsky prospekt, 8, entrance from Grecheskiy prospekt through the Reception Department).

The Chief State Medical Officer of St. Petersburg issued the Decrees No. 2 of 16.03.2020 and No. 3 of 23.03.2020 for compliance by medical organizations with the anti-epidemic measures in the Center, under which:

  • admission of parents, visitors is prohibited (until special order);
  • patient information can be obtained by calling +7 (812) 506-06-06;
  • transfer of personal belongings and products (NOT MORE than 2 packages each weighing up to 2 kg) to the departments is carried out through a help window at Ligovsky Ave., 8. The window is available from 8.00 AM to 19.30 PM (entrance from Greek Avenue).

Attention! When collecting a transfer, carefully review the list of products and personal items that are prohibited from transferring:


  • food products with expired shelf life, signs of spoilage and contamination;
  • carbonated drinks (coca-cola, etc.) - chips, crumbs, chewing gum, etc.;
  • factory or home canned products (fish, meat, vegetable);
  • homemade or industrial salads;
  • homemade or industrial dumplings, pancakes;
  • pate, frying products;
  • any sausage products;
  • salty, dried, cold smoked fish (non-heat treatment). Any seafood or caviar;
  • eggs, omelettes;
  • any confectionery containing cream or chocolate;
  • pasteurized milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter;
  • mushrooms and any dishes from them;
  • alcohol products, tobacco products, e-cigarettes;
  • any medications;
  • household chemicals and other caustic, toxic, poisonous, explosive, flammable substances;
  • any sharp objects (knives, scissors, needles, spokes, forks);
  • weapons, including gas and electroshock or other objects that can be used as weapons;
  • electric heating devices, reboilers;
  • matches, lighters;
  • prams and other, dimensional and/or injurious objects.

St. Petersburg Children’s municipal multi-specialty
clinical center of high medical technology
named after K.A. Rauhfus

Hospital Ligovsky prospect, 8 (24/7)
Consultative and diagnostic center:
Suvorovsky prospect, 4 (mon-fri 09.00-20.00, sat. 10.00-14.00)