At the department of traumatology, there can be provided an advisory, diagnostic and inpatient care to children with traumas and injuries to the musculoskeletal system of various localizations and their consequences, as well as orthopedic diseases. Doctors have at their disposal a modern diagnostic base, including digital radiography, MR tomography, multispiral CT, ultrasound, an electron-optical converter of X-rays (in 3D mode).

The department is equipped with two operating rooms, which contain the most modern equipment and tools. And doctors of the trauma department possess the most modern methods of conservative and surgical treatment.


  • musculoskeletal injuries of various localizations and their consequences;
  • orthopedic diseases

Diagnostic methods:

  • digital radiography;
  • magnetic resonance tomography;
  • multispiral computed tomography with contrast and 3-d simulation;
  • ultrasound and functional diagnostics;
  • arthroscopic diagnosis

Treatment methods:

  • minimally invasive percutaneous osteosynthesis with elastic rods and spokes;
  • bone osteosynthesis (screws, plates, including with angular stability);
  • intraosseous osteosynthesis (blocked rods, intramedullary pins);
  • external transosseous osteosynthesis (distraction-compression apparatus);
  • therapeutic-diagnostic arthroscopy of knee, wrist, ankle joints of any complexity category (including arthroscopic resection of menisci, removal of free bone-cartilage bodies, restoration of ligament apparatus of knee and shoulder joints);
  • operative fracture treatment using C-arm with 3D simulations of plastic and reconstructive surgery in cicatricial soft tissue contractures removal of benign bone formations;
  • treatment of hygromas and stenosing ligamentitis of any localization;
  • replacement of bone defects with auto- and allografts;
  • pelvic bone osteosynthesis

Head of department
Alexey Serebrennikov

Head nurse
Olga Demeshko

Contact information:
+7-812-506-06-06 "#1310", "#1311"

  • Hospital:

Ligovsky prospect, 8

  • Consultative and diagnostic center:

Suvorovsky prospect, 4