The surgical department of St. Petersburg Children’s municipal multi-specialty clinical center of high medical technology named after K.A. Rauhfus is equipped today with modern and high-tech equipment for surgical interventions in various injuries and diseases. The office is deployed for 35 beds.


  • routine and emergency abdominal surgery;
  • planned and emergency thoracic surgery;
  • purulent surgery in full;
  • urological and andrological pathology;
  • removal of neoplasms of various localizations;

Diagnostic methods:

  • ultrasound examination;
  • X-ray examination;
  • endoscopic procedures;
  • computed tomography;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • biopsy

Head of department
Dmitrii Pushkarev

Head nurse
Veronika Zubareva

Contact information:
+7 (812) 506-06-06, “#1310”, “#1311”


  • Ligovsky prospect, 8

Consultative and diagnostic center: Suvorovsky prospect, 4